25 Things…

My favorite thing to read whenever I open an US Weekly is the “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” section, where a chosen celeb tells you some pretty interesting things about him/her-self.

I find this intriguing for several reasons: 1- makes the celeb seem more “normal,” 2- the random things are REALLY random: you never know what they’ll say, 3- I instantly feel more connected to that celeb & because I can now connect with them on some level, 4- 25 things seems like alot of random information, but it reads really fast & is always entertaining.

To let you all into my personal life a little bit more than social media will allow, I’d love to share 25 random bits of information about myself with YOU, my lovely readers. You might be surprised, you might be entertained, but mostly, I hope that you’ll get to know me a little better & for SURE hope it makes you smile.

Here goes….

1. My favorite photos of myself usually involve me laughing.

2. My very first job-job (after baby-sitting), was a receptionist in a hearing-aid clinic.

3. I’d never been married til I married Greg, right after I turned 42.

4. I was adopted as an infant through Oklahoma DHS.

5. I got a D in middle school French. I think it was because it was my first class of the day & I was always exhausted.

6. I was a drug rep before I opened Little Black Dress.

7. I am mystified by the fact that I can NEVER get an automatic faucet to start pouring water. What do I DO with my hands?!

8. One of my favorite things in life is eating out for lunch. It always seems like a treat to me.

9. However, I prefer to cook most of my own meals myself. We eat at home 5-6 nights a week if possible.

10. The first time I ever attended apparel market for my store, I wore the wrong shoes & got blisters all over the bottoms of both feet & took over a month to heal.

11. What other people spend on clothes, where they purchase them, how they choose to create their own style: I do not judge on ANY of these things. Fashion is a creation of each person & should be celebrated accordingly. If it makes YOU happy, that’s really all that matters.

12. My favorite clothes are Pajamas.

13. However, when I owned my store, my favorite part was that I could dress up as much as I wanted.

14. I was not a dog person til I married Greg. Now I honestly have NO idea what I’d do without dogs in my life.

15. We have a Scotty named Doogan and a Westie named Max.

16. I call myself “Bonus Mom” because I think Step Mom sounds mean. My Bonus Kids are seriously rock stars. I am totally biased.

17. I have a really good relationship with my husband’s ex-wife. Like, we are definitely good friends, & it makes me happy that she’s in my life.

18. My husband should have been a travel planner. Thankfully, I love to travel with him, so he is free to use those skills on a regular basis.

19. I grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and my parents still live in the same home I lived in since I was 5.

20. My parents have been married over 50 years. Their relationship is truly awesome.

21. My vices include: Dr Pepper, Red wine, sun tanning, my phone, shopping.

22. I read every night before I go to bed. What I read varies quite a bit, but that 10-20 minutes allows my brain to zone-out into another dimension & I think it helps me relax.

23. Closing my store was the most unusual life-change I’ve ever been through. I’m still not through all the emotions/challenges/changes.

24. Growing up, my Mom & I spent alot of time together. We created this game where we would notice people and make up elaborate, unique stories about them. I think it helped me become more of a dreamer & more creative, & to this day, I still subconsciously do it.

25. I don’t feel “my age”….except when I work out, and then I feel really old.

26. (yep a bonus!): I am thankful for everything, even the bad stuff, in my life. I try to say “thank you” as much as I can, even for the little things.