5 Easy tips to maximize your closet space.

There are hundreds of ways to organize a closet…from what hangers you use, to how you fold your sweaters….each closet is unique, and should be personalized to create a space that is not only efficient, but full of clothing, accessories and jewelry that you love, that fits!

Since I likely have never been in your closet, I don’t know the situation…. however, there are many different things you can do yourself to truly maximize your space.

1. Use slim-line hangers: I love the velvet-covered ones to most! They ensure your garments do not fall, keep their shape, & they keep things spaced out well.

2. Fold or roll your knits: just like when you pack, rolling knits to store in a drawer keeps their shape, and uses the least amount of space. You can organize them according to color, sleeve type, etc.

3. Store away out-of-season: with a smaller closet, or with a larger wardrobe that doesn’t fit, storing clothing that cannot be worn during the current season leaves space for items you CAN wear & makes getting ready faster since you’re not perusing items you cannot wear. Use a hanging bag to store items you’re not wearing now- place them in a coat closet, a spare bedroom, the attic.

4. Store shoes front to back: it’s easier and takes up less space to store shoes outside of their original boxes. You may wish to use clear acrylic boxes so you can see the special ones.

5. Hang a hook for outfit prep: this may not directly correlate to maximizing your space, but I LOVE the idea of pre-selecting your outfits each night & hanging them on a special hook in your closet. That 5 minutes spent the night before can save precious time in the mornings when the clock is ticking for you to get out the door!