entrepreneur life goal: try to not work so hard!

WFH is awesome….except I am working too much!! I am not sure if I am a “work-a-holic”, but by definition, I feel weird if I am taking “time off”….so something I’ve tried to be better at, as an entrepreneur is not working so hard…⁠ …⁠ Growing up, my parents led a very busy life….my dad was a professor at OSU, but also ran his own business consulting company, wrote/ edited textbooks, & was in various leadership positions within his specialty.⁠ …⁠ My Mom handled literally everything else…all my activities, everything home-related, & taking care of my dad as he traveled around the world for his passion/career.⁠ …⁠ So it’s no surprise I suppose, that I am totally fine with 3-4 jobs (fashion styling, e-commerce wine, social media maven, etc)… at a time, along with caring for my family as much as time allows. ⁠ …⁠ The thing is, this whole virtual styling opportunity has allowed me to actually work MORE for my clients, MORE for my family, but still taking care of me. ⁠ …⁠ It’s a fine balance….some weeks we eat out more & I have an over-abundance of dirty laundry….some weeks I cook all the meals (thank you Reasor’s app!!) , & everything is neat & tidy. (OK but lt’s be honest, those weeks are few & far between)…⁠ …⁠ Bottom line is this: I am grateful for my upbringing. Grateful for the examples of true giving, caring & gratitude that was shown to me. I am grateful for my current situation….yes, things are weird for all of us, but I am grateful for the work I can do to help change women’s lives & make them better.⁠

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