Gift Guide: stash

I was so excited to do my very first gift guide…..I got a little over-zealous & created a flip book too….just to be fancy I guess, but also because I want to really do my best this first go-round, you know? So be sure to check out both, because I included a few unique things to both.

For starters, I cannot tell you how excited I was to pop into Stash this week and check out all the amazing goodies! Seriously, ya’ll. I. Cannot. Handle. It. There are gifts in here for literally anyone on your list. I decided to keep my focus on the ladies in your life, but I have to say, the kids section is absolutely darling, and there are things for guys too!

OK, so here’s the SUPER cool part! You can shop in-store OR online & SAVE 15% ON YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE when you use code: Kelly. So, if you’d like to just go straight there, just hop over to their website HERE, or just ready yourselves as I dive into my top favs! THEN, go straight to the super cute flip book right HERE!

ENJOY, Happy Shopping, and Happiest of Holidays to you!!

xoxo, Kelly

I know they’re just Kitchen Towels, ya’ll, but for anyone who loves our state/city. these make a great gift! I am thinking Grandma or Auntie would love one….add a bottle of bubbly & she’ll probably dub you her fav.
Sorta obsessed with these neoprene bags….they are lightweight, durable & come in lots of cute patterns. I am thinking your sister who works out would love this as a gym bag! I am also imagining her throwing in ice & adult bevs for the lake days! See what I mean? The gift that keeps giving!
Full Disclosure: this pretty much sums me up on a personal level. That said, hostess gift = done & done!
This miiiiiight just be the coolest thing ever for your out-doorsy, treat-loving best-friend. Or yourself. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love S’mores? AND who doesn’t love the idea of making some without having to build an entire fire?
Stocking Stuffers: CHECK!
Your daughter called & she wants a fuzzy/cozy jacket. Stash has an amazing selection in tons of prints & colors! She will love this!
I can just never tire of getting/buying candles! I think living in an older home (and with teenage boys) makes me want to light them more often lately. These make such a great gift for neighbors!
I really think my Mom would adore this collection….it’s so pretty, she’ll want to set it out on her bathroom counter!
These earrings are so CUTE! I am thinking you need these for yourself…..they are discounted if you buy 2 pairs, so hey, even better!!
Daughter? Sister? Friend? Co-worker? Work-out buddy? It comes in other colors, but come on, the pink is the cutest!
I LOVE the sneaker trend, but it is tough to find cute socks to wear inside! Loving these- they come in lots of fun patterns/colors. Again, a great stocking stuffer!
Yep. Saved the best for last. Make any hour the Happiest Hour. Stash has tons of cute wine glasses!

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