Go Shorties, It’s Your Birthday!

Ya’ll, I used to be SO SHY that I’d feign illness to stay home from school to avoid the Spelling Bee. Yes. I was that. shy. girl. It was awful….especially when it was my Birthday, as for some reason, I felt like there was a giant spotlight shining on me all day, & my shy awkwardness was just amplified even further when they made the Birthday Announcement over the intercom in the mornings- I literally turned bright red every time.

But oh goodness, do I LOVE Birthdays now! I have always loved celebrating them. My own, other peoples…..people I don’t even know! And when it’s mine, I still feel like I have a Giant Spotlight on me all day long, and the Universe should just be producing all the Good Stuff all day long: sunshine, a little shopping, some wine, a lunch date, presents, oh and cake- there should be cake….last year I was just happy because I had a Dr Pepper that day! It’s the little things, ya’ll.

As I got older, people who were turning similar ages started saying the things they love to say like “I’m avoiding my birthday”, or “it’s my 30th….for the 5th time”… (God I wish I could say that exact thing right now)

As adults, we grow to disdain our Birthdays because maybe we don’t want admit our real age, or perhaps we are just too tired to celebrate (trust me, I feel that one on a regular basis!), but I feel differently overall about Birthdays in general.

You see, I was adopted, and I view my Birthday as a time to be ever-so-thankful for my Life, that was a gift given to me by my Birth-Mom 40-something years ago (see what I did there?;) What I know about her is all I need to know: she was super-young, she was unmarried, my birth father had terrible allergies. I was born premature at only around 4.5 pounds- explains my size a little bit now, doesn’t it? My parents were on a list with 10 other couples waiting for a child. How did my parents get the call before the 9 others? That’s the part that makes me happiest of all– we don’t know; and I cannot imagine it any other way. My Birthday marks the day that I came into the world to one woman, and then later, had the opportunity to be celebrated by Joe and Betty Mize.

Fast Forward four decades, and here I am celebrating Bonus Kids Birthdays, who arrived in my Life in the same Miracle-Way that I arrived into Joe and Betty’s.

Life is funny that way: we think it’s All About Us, when it’s really & truly: All About Others.

The opportunity that I have now, to be a part of 3 kiddos lives, who aren’t my own “flesh & blood”, is the type of Miracle I am thankful for Every Single Day. Not just on Birthdays. Every Days. And I’d encourage YOU to do the same. Even if you don’t have a Gratitude Journal, even if you haven’t read this entire blog post….the most important thing is to truly be thankful for the LIVES of the people who surround you. Be grateful daily. Even in the middle of the hustle, in the middle of the exhaustion, in the middle of the muck. Shine that Spotlight on the ones you love, and celebrate every day like it’s the Best Day Ever.