Help! I Need Somebody! Help! Not Just Anybody!

I love The Beatles music, don’t you? Greg and I saw LOVE, the Cirque De Soliel performance in Las Vegas a few years back, and we’ve been downloading their music ever since. For some reason lately, whenever I think of a word or phrase, I try to associate music or a music title to it, and it serves as a memory tool for my old-lady brain. The word HELP seemed appropriate today…

I’ve been going through alot of soul-searching lately, and everything seems to be coming back to the fact that my self-esteem just isn’t where it needs to be. Closing a business has been by far, the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had (& that includes ALL experiences, like becoming a new bonus-mom of 3, which literally happened over night!). Within hours I can go from feeling on top of the world, to doubting myself and my purpose on this planet. I have a screen saver from my friend Amanda Frances, on my phone right now that says: God Loves Me. Life Loves Me. Money Loves Me. And honestly, it’s keeping me going on a minute-by-minute basis.

I’ve been actively reaching out and asking my friends and family for advice. I’ve become a “sponge” in a way: listening to their wisdom, sorting through it all….& taking what I need from each person. For someone who feels she was born with a purpose to GIVE, I suppose it’s my turn to take for a while. Just until I figure things out a little bit better.

I listened to a podcast last night from Marie Forleo called “Everything is Figure-Out-Able”, and good gracious, she’s RIGHT! That podcast was pretty much EXACTLY what I needed to feel like I had a purpose, to move ON, to get STARTED, and to begin to GIVE BACK again & regain my joy & light.

What I WANT more than anything else in this world is to give my gifts and talents to people who need them. To help even one person a day feel better about themselves, to be left smiling. What I LOVED about my store was NOT the day-to-day operations, the number-crunching, the budgets….I even disliked making schedules & being bombarded with so many phone calls & emails. I felt overwhelmed, & that my life had completely shifted from what I’d originally set out to do:

  • develop lasting & meaningful relationships with my clients!
  • help my clients get dressed!
  • learn what my clients loved & shop for them at markets!
  • provide a fun, unique shopping experience!
  • enjoy going to work daily in a beautiful space!

How can I do these things without a physical store? This question still looms heavy on my heart…

So I am starting here: I have been researching different industries to see how they might mesh with what I love to do, and calling/meeting/talking to anyone I can think of who can help me figure it out. (PS: do YOU know of anything that I could help you with??) I am working through what I can offer my former LBD clients, & how to ensure I am giving all I can. I am making a sales page, which you can find HERE. I am going to start with these things because too much else just stresses me out right now.

I know it’s all Figure-Out-Able. I know the Universe Has My Back. It’s just the In-Between Phase right now. But it’s still scary and weird. Thanks for being supportive, and I’d LOVE/APPRECIATE any/all suggestions you might have for me! (