how-to be a Fashion icon for halloween!

Growing up I had a phobia of people in costumes….ironically, somehow, this shifted, and I simply ADORE dressing up for Halloween & even more, I love seeing how others get inspired to do the same thing!

Side note: Santa still stresses me out a bit, and seeing people in giant head-type things is also a little odd to me….

That said, back in my Single Girl Days, I made a habit of attending the Brady Party with my girls (probably having a cocktail or three diffused that costume phobia stuff a bit)… & I loved going all out. Attaching my two most FAV costume memories here….

My Marie Antoinette outfit was not complete until my sweet makeup artist friend Laurie did the neck thing for me! And LOVED it!

If you know me, you know I adore ALL things Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, etc… & I love seeing my memories with my sweet friend & money coach Amanda Frances!

In my opinion, anyone can put on some thigh-highs & heels and get Sassy for Halloween, but my FAV costumes are the ones that take creativity, fashion, something trending/trendy, and having FUN with it! This year I scoured Pinterest & created a board with some of my fav fashion icon costumes! Go check it out HERE!, & while you’re at it, would you give your gal a follow on the whole thing in general? I’d truly appreciate that!

Happy Halloween, my fabulous fashionistas!

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