I have NO idea what I am doing…

OK so if you know me, you know that I just went through a BUNCH of stuff in my life….if you don’t know me, I want to give you the highlights…and even if you DO know me, you might want to catch up anyways…here goes…

Last week (yes, like 7 days ago) I closed my beautiful store called Little Black Dress, located in Center 1 in Tulsa. I had been open for 10 years! Holy crap….that statement seems surreal to me. Like, an entire decade has gone by since I opened! I am relieved to have the closing behind me, and I have been through all the emotions you can imagine: grief, anger, bewilderment, but also peace, relief and closure.

With that behind me, I literally have NO idea what will come next…it was hard to job search before I made the store-closing announcement because I didn’t want to announce anything, and even though I’d thought about possible new jobs, I had NO clue what I wanted to do. I literally just wanted to focus all my energy on closing. It was alot for one person.

I’ve been contacted by many people, so I am hopeful something will work out (that’s when Faith steps in, you know?). In the meantime, I am trying really hard to not stress out about the future, and to know that the very best things take time.

ALL that said, it’s funny that this is my very first blog post, and I don’t want to set this up to be a Debbie Downer type of blog. Rather, I want to use it to encourage people, as I travel this new pathway that’s been set before me.

I’ve done a BUNCH of things differently since last week…I think doing too much different stuff at once is super-stressful, BUT in this case, I need to stay busy & get out of my house, so I needed to make some immediate changes for my sanity!!

I started a new workout routine that gets me out of the house! Loving Revved Fitness!

I started a different eating plan….So far Danette May has been a small amount of money WELL spent!

I am spending more time with my family and my dogs Max and Doogan.

I am scheduling lunches, coffees and meetings with any and everyone I possibly can! It’s so great to be out & about in Tulsa again! Tonight’s dinner is at Bohemian Pizza!

I am planning my pop-up shop, happening on January 26th….follow me HERE for more details as I know them!

I am reading my Bible App daily!

I am considering what pathway to take, and what I can offer the Tulsa Community while making a some good money and having more FUN along the way. It’s a Tall Order, I know that for sure, but I am bound & determined to keep my chin up and my attitude POSITIVE. Thanks for cheering me on! Peace & Love to you all.



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