I Love Clothes, But I Drink a Little

For a former clothing store owner, you’ve probably wondered “why hasn’t Kelly written anything about fashion yet??” Well, that wait is now OVER, my friends, & we can return to our “regularly scheduled programming” of Kelly dork-ing out over all things clothing.

OK, OK, I will NOT go crazy, I promise ya’ll. (well, maybe a little at first, so just bear with me)

But I got an email from Revolve.Com today touting their fashion/style picks for wine tasting, which is quite possibly one of my fav activities thus far as an “adult”! And I was like, OK, I’m back in the saddle….pouring over the selections, dreaming of what I’d buy if I had a wine tasting trip coming up, & also thinking “do I need to go to the liquor store today?”, and also “what time can I actually start drinking the wine today?”

So back to Revolve…my relationship with Revolve is two-fold.

  1. I love the way they organize their selections in order of style/color. You may not notice this, but it’s this subtle art of “merchandising” on a 2-dimensional screen that makes it so appealing. For example, in the wine-tasting editorial, I can find each set (matching top & skirt/shorts) right next to each other, right next to shoes and bags that would match. It graduates into other styles/selections that also match, and are organized by color. This is as close to shopping in a store as it gets. You can literally set up your outfits as you shop!
  2. I love the brands they carry! So many of the brands we carried at Little Black Dress (DL1961, Rails, Michael Lauren, 1. State, Amanda Uprichard, Bella Dahl, Blaque Label)… match up to the ones carried by Revolve, & they have a really great mix of high to low pricing.

So, now I am certain you are wondering: what WOULD Kelly wear to wine tasting? Here, my loves, is my outfit pic (if someone took me to Napa tomorrow, this is what I’d wear!): this amazing ruffle-sleeve dress, paired with these DARLING red shoes, along with this super-cute little bag! (add this leather jacket if you get chilly!) Please note that the bag I loved the most was strategically located next to the dress in the entire wine tasting set-up, which made my life super-simple, as searching for bags gives me a headache, & makes the wine even more necessary!

Happy Shopping Ladies! And no, this post isn’t a paid ad for Revolve (not yet at least!), I just wanted to see if ya’ll would be interested in my style selections & dreams of wine tasting…while I DO live a fabulous life & take lots of trips and buy lots of things, there are always the fun, dreamy wishes, especially on dreary February Days wearing my PJ’s and robe, surrounded by my precious dogs….OK, well now that I mention it, I do love being at home very much. I’ll let Greg go get the wine today…