I stopped fear this morning

I have been living in Fear the past few days….I’m not going to go backwards and tell you about it, because if you’re watching the news or on social media in any way/shape/form, you already know what I mean.

This thing that’s happening in the world is something I STILL cannot wrap my head around. But I sifted through all the emails, outlets, apps and advice & found my own “formula” that helped me work through it this morning.

I’m not telling you this is a magical thing, but I do think it’s important to recognize fear for what it is, & allow it to work FOR you, not against you.

I had known for several days that I would have to do something to maintain my sanity….all the busy-work ended yesterday mid-morning and I was left with only my feelings. I cried off and on for the remainder of the day, not knowing what to do, but knowing I’d need to do something or else I wouldn’t be able to be ME again.

What makes me happiest?? I’ve been working through this in my work in B-School. If you’ve never heard of Marie Forleo, go check her out! I’ve been in B School for a few weeks now, & it’s helped me beyond comprehension! I’m also listening to her book Everything is FigureOutable, which is AMAZING! So, here are the things that I KNOW make me happy that I for sure can take advantage of during this crazy time….any of them resonate with you?

  1. My dogs Max & Doogan. Those boys make me smile all day.
  2. Coffee. With almond milk. Oh, why is that first sip of coffee so magical?
  3. Reading. I’d rather get lost in a book in my own imagination than watch TV any day.
  4. Creating outfits. Yep, I shop & create style boards on the Style Book app which I LOVE.
  5. Prayer & Meditation. I’m coming back to this in a minute…
  6. Creating something for my clients. Some days they are imaginary, but if I’m creating for someone who needs it, I feel I have been helpful in some way. Many times what I create ends up on my VIP Membership site.
  7. Tracy Anderson. I’ve been doing her home workouts for years. She’s doing a two week free trial right now.
  8. Talking to My Mom. She has become my most trusted advisor & friend.
  9. Meal Planning. Yes, sounds strange but I love figuring out our meals for the week, shopping for them (I have used the Reasors app & order online to pick-up for years!)
  10. Wine. Love drinking what I sell, but also talking about it & the health benefits. Yep, total wine nerd over here….

OK, so back to what I did this morning…which was something I just sort of created on my own & I really do think it helped me tremendously! Some of this is just my normal routine, but I added in some things…

  1. Hot water with lemon & honey.
  2. Feed the dogs. Gosh they are so happy #allthetime
  3. Celery juice. (go follow The Medical Medium)
  4. Bible App. Today I started a new plan: Anxious For Nothing. BUT I also read their latest blog post which REALLY helped me. It’s HERE.
  5. Coffee. Part 1.
  6. Read through my Gabby Bernstein Morning Mantras. I took a screen shot of a page in her book Super Attractor. I read these every day out loud. My dogs appear to love them too…. 😉
  7. Gabby Bernstein meditation….Do the one called Meditation For Lifting the Veil. Do it now. You will feel better immediately!
  8. Journaled through my fears, limiting beliefs. Told myself a new truth. I learned this practice from my friend Amanda Frances. She did a podcast here that is relevant; I listened to this last night.
  9. Watched a Bob Heilig video & signed up for his training next week.
  10. Created an event to get myself out of the house! My friend Laura who owns Surcee had reached out to have me do a packing event at her store a while back. We’ve pivoted a bit, and now I’m going to do a Virtual Shopping Trip at the store to promote their curb-side delivery & home delivery services! Sign up for notifications here. It’s free to watch us shop & better than watching the news again!
  11. Coffee. Part 2.

OK ya’ll….I know this may sound simplified, but I accomplished all of this in about an hour & I already feel myself having been lifted to a place where I recognize my fears, and I am NOT going to let them control me today. I’ll probably have to start this over tomorrow morning, & who knows what today will bring, but my hope is that I’ll be better prepared to handle whatever comes my way today. And TBH, all I can handle right now is #onedayatatime. I hope this helped you in some way….even if only one thing resonated with you, I will know that at least I helped one person feel a little bit better today, and to me, that is worth it!

One thought on “I stopped fear this morning

  1. Love what you wrote; it’s an inspiration!
    I’m motivated to get out of my pj’s and get ready for whatever comes this day. Prayer and keeping busy doing what I can to make what’s around me more organized and beautiful – #onedayatatime!

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