is Virtual styling better?

When this whole “Corona thing” hit us a few weeks ago, I was stunned….my husband was away for two back-to-back trips during the timeframe when things were being announced, so I was alone with my thoughts, my work and my feelings for several days.

I was scared, anxious & trying desperately to figure out how to “pivot” so that I could continue to make money doing what my heart feels led to do…& hoping to still have money to pay for groceries.

I watched from the sidelines as businesses of all kinds shut their doors, re-grouped, re-configured.

Could I do the same thing? Styling? And make money?

Could my business survive? I was scared it wouldn’t.

But, as a true entrepreneur, and in the way a true only-child knows how to demand what they want….when faced with the possibility, I just refused to let it enter my brain…


I stayed busy. I stayed in front of people. I stayed committed and focused.

I worked through my fears, my stress, my worries. Daily. I listened to podcasts, I watched anxiety workshops, I worked out like a crazy lady…

I ordered a trendy facemask….I mean come on….I HAD to!!

And miraculously:: a few of my clients still wanted to work with me….not all of them, mind you….many wanted to reschedule for an in-person appointment. My biggest concern is their health, wellness and safety. I understand that economics may not allow them to work with me now.

So. I pivoted. In a big way. Everything went virtual.

I lowered my prices out of respect for the new process and the economy.

And something awesome happened.

The virtual appointments were GOOD. In fact, they were better than I even expected! I was connecting with my clients, seeing them, listening, helping.

We were creating outfits from what they already owned.

We figured out what they needed to buy (in most cases 1-2 items at most).

They tried on. I let them know how it fit, what needed to be tossed, donated, altered.

I was seeing them, hearing them. We were connecting, and doing our work.

As a side bonus, I got to meet their kids, their husbands, their pets….

This was all such an amazing surprise for me. Such a pleasant turn of events. It was almost like the Universe was telling me: YES, your gifts are still needed.

And I feel that this is my launching pad.

From the ashes of this bizarre situation, I wonder what our “new normal” will look like….what my “new normal” of styling will be. And you better believe that if I can connect with more women by working virtually, I’m gonna keep on doing it.

Need a little help? Let me know….or click below to check out what I did for you::

Closet Cleanse packages HERE. Two options, one is on-your-own & super-crazy priced! One option includes a zoom call with me to try on, discuss, evaluate. Both crazy good, based on my years of experience & dozens of closets!

Virtual Styling Package HERE. Two payment options. Work with me virtually as I help you create tons of outfits using clothes you already own. I’ll make outfit suggestions & suggest any items I think you might need. Chances are, we can use what you already own to create tons of outfits!

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