My carrie dream….tulle skirt included

happier times are coming

So I had the best dream last night….and I’ve ruminated on it all day…& spoiler alert: I think it just means I have a positive attitude. Today.

But listen, when the Tulsa World calls you & tells you that the pandemic is ending in a few weeks, and they’re planning a SITC celebration party downtown & everyone HAS to wear a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired outfit, and they expect (EXPECT) me to wear a tutu/tulle skirt like the one she wears in the opening credits of the first few seasons?? You Listen. You say YES, of course!

OK yes, that paragraph up there was the dream. And sadly, I woke up because I was SO FREAKING excited that my brain was literally trying to figure out how to acquire said tulle skirt, and for the first hour of my day I sort of chose to live in la-la land and work through this situation in my head.

As the day wore on, and Reality set in, I tried to keep thinking of that dream any time I could. It was my life preserver during office work, it was my bright spot during the White House press conference….or reading through Facebook posts… but then tonight as I paged through the fashion news on my iPad I saw the article about channeling Carrie whilst working from home, & I KNEW I had to share my dream with you.

And today, these are the things that I knew to be true for me::

The more I can look forward to the future with a positive of any kind, the better.

The more I understand that my future will never again be the same, the better.

The more I can come to terms with the reality that this will end some day soon, the better.

The more I hug my loved ones, call them, write them, help them NOW, the better.

The more I can hold my loved ones in my thoughts/prayers/hearts, the better.

The more grateful I can be for ANYTHING, the better.

The more happy dreams I can dream, the better.

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