New Christmas Traditions….

So first off, I get along really well with my husband’s ex-wife…that may seem a little strange to some, but to most, it’s a situation they’d love to have, based on personal experiences. How does it work? I have no magical answer other than our personalities mesh well together & we are lucky!

This past weekend, she co-chaired an event at our kid’s school called the Cascia Christmas Walk. When she asked me to chair the Boutique Committee, I was all-in! Perfect match for me with my previous boutique-owning experiences. Well, ya’ll, it was a giant production, of which the Boutique is just a percentage…it’s a home tour of the grandest measure, where local designers come in & decorate already-beautiful homes with Holiday Decor (we are standing in a home in front of a tree designed around the owner’s Jimmy Choo shoe collection!!)….it’s a brunch with entertainment for kids….it’s a shopping extravaganza….it’s Christmas performances by kids….and most of all it’s a long-standing-tradition that showcases years of hard work & dedication from the staff, students, alumnae and parents of Cascia. It’s a chance for anyone to come visit Cascia & enjoy it.

I was happy to be a part of this tradition (it’s a new one for me), meet new people & re-connect with others. It gave me a chance to do something unique, but that was still helpful, and makes perfect sense considering my current job situation. And I was frankly, elated to be a part of something so unique at my bonus-kids school.

As I walked around and checked on the boutique vendors during set-up, during the event, and after, I paused to reflect a bit….that was me a few years ago, moving things in & out of different places, showing my work & passion to the world. It takes so much courage, determination & love for others (& their craft) to do this. I don’t know how words can adequately describe the passion I felt as I walked around yesterday. These people each have a unique gift they are offering out to the world….the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the people who some may call “dreamers”….they are the ones who I connect with the most.