my top outfit ideas for working from home in style… (& comfort!)

*shoppable links included!

SOOO many of my clients are now working from home….when before they’d had the chance to get “all gussied up” to work in an office or make client appointments….NOW we’re all “safe at home”, which is beginning to feel a little monotonous for most…am I right?

As an at-home worker-bee myself, I have curated a few ideas (shoppable links included, yay!) for ya’ll to help you feel at least a little bit better when you have to “show up” in your home office….make-up is purely optional, but I betcha it’ll help you feel better too…

Outfit Idea #1: pair joggers + a cute top. I wore my black sweat pants with a chambray button down shirt & gold hoops for Easter Sunday, and not only did I feel comfy/warm, but I looked decent, especially when sitting around gorging my face with yummy foods!

Outfit Idea #2: Leggings + tee + lightweight cardigan. I always tell you all about “the third piece”, and this one is no exception. Adding a layer, even a lightweight one, will help you “feel” like you have more of an outfit. The third piece of an outfit pulls things together, and creates a unified look. Bonus of the cardigan is that wearing an open cardi creates vertical lines down the front of your body that are flattering!

Outfit Idea #3: a light color jogger + sweater set. For those looking to replace your velour track suits circa 1999, you’ll want to make a nominal investment in a cute matching set. Bonus: the top will look cute with shorts, and the joggers will look cute back to outfit #1 above!

Outfit Idea #4: flowy/casual maxi dress + cardigan….shoes are optional. I have seen some super cute House Dress ideas on amazon, plus I am loving all of these tie dye dresses! Pairing with a cardigan only if you like, but for arm coverage on Zoom calls!

Outfit Idea #5: boyfriend jeans + a pop-of-color sweatshirt + sneakers or flip flops….or slippers. A comfy outfit. Choose a color that looks good next to your face & you’ll be rocking your meetings all day! Classic gold hoops will dress it up!

Outfit Idea #6: colorful chinos + graphic tee. For a fun Friday look, that makes ya feel put together but slightly sassy depending on what your tee says! Style tip: knot the tee at the bottom/side or in the back to take up extra fabric & create a waist-line.

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