Closet Cleanse


✔ Before we begin, I ask that you create a Pinterest board & answer some questions about yourself and your style goals. This Homework helps me get to know you & understand the best way to help.

✔ Working together, we get rid of old/non-worn/non-fitting/non-loved items.

✔ As we go, we create a needs list of items you can use to replace worn out, classics, or trendier pieces that can add some zest.

✔ We create outfits using what you already own, that will fit into your lifestyle.

✔ I take away all your clean-out items to be sold at consignment. I do not take a commission, but I will work with the consignment group to ensure you receive a monthly check with your profits!

✔ I take any worn-out items (that you’re keeping), to be repaired, & will return them to you.

✔ In order to make the most of what we’ve done together, I ask that we schedule a closet refresh 1-2 times per year. Subsequent sessions will take less time, & allow us to keep your clothes & accessories organized & fresh.

Our Goal: to create a closet full of clothes & accessories that fit you, that you love, & that you can create outfits with. (this is my DREAM for each of my clients!)


Closet Cleanse

Discover the endless possibilities within your closet and reduce the stress of figuring out what to wear each morning.