Closet Cleanse

How AMAZING would it be to have access to ALL of THIS!!??

✔ Before we begin, I ask that you create a Pinterest board & answer some questions about yourself and your style goals. This Homework helps me get to know you & understand the best way to help.

✔ Working together, we get rid of old/non-worn/non-fitting/non-loved items.

✔ As we go, we create a needs list of items you can use to replace worn out, classics, or trendier pieces that can add some zest.

✔ We create outfits using what you already own, that will fit into your lifestyle.

✔ I take away all your clean-out items to be sold at consignment. I do not take a commission, but I will work with the consignment group to ensure you receive a monthly check with your profits!

✔ I take any worn-out items (that you’re keeping), to be repaired, & will return them to you.

✔ In order to make the most of what we’ve done together, I ask that we schedule a closet refresh 1-2 times per year. Subsequent sessions will take less time, & allow us to keep your clothes & accessories organized & fresh.

Our Goal: to create a closet full of clothes & accessories that fit you, that you love, & that you can create outfits with. (this is my DREAM for each of my clients!)

Investment: $497