Your Virtual Closet OFFER

Your Virtual Closet…

Create a wardrobe, style & closet of your dreams. All online.

  • Are you tired of walking into a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear?
  • Does getting dressed each day stress you out?
  • Are you buying clothes online & have NO idea how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe?
  • Need some help from a stylist, but not sure how to get started?
  • Does the idea of working with a stylist sound intimidating, difficult, expensive, time consuming?

Hi. I’m Kelly Mize Holley, a Virtual Stylist, and I have been styling clients in person for years.

I realized through this work that it takes ALOT of guts to invite someone into your closet & into your personal space. It’s also not always physically possible to meet with me….my clients are busy, they travel, and they want to stay safe during this time in our society.

{With the help of an online platform}, my clients can work with me virtually with minimal effort on their part, but with the chance for me to:

  1. create MULTIPLE outfits using pieces in their wardrobe that they love.
  2. recommend items they may wish to purchase that are strategically chosen based on what they already own (a personal shopper cannot do that for you because she cannot see what you already have)
  3. suggest clothing purges based on items that do not get used in creating your style.

I now have a virtual way to work with me, that requires minimal effort on your part, but will get you amazing results…

Imagine the following:

Walking into your closet in the morning knowing exactly what you will wear today.

Even better, imagine having to choose from several potential outfits that have been created using clothes you already own, that feels like you have a brand new wardrobe!

It’s possible.

Why am I uniquely qualified to help you??

Consider this…

  • I have a degree in fashion merchandising.
  • I owned a women’s clothing store for 10 years. During that time I helped dressed hundreds of women, & was the sole buyer for my boutique.
  • I LOVE to shop. Especially for others. When I owned my store, my buying capabilities allowed my store to have unprecedented inventory turns….that was because people loved my selections so much, they wanted everything I offered.
  • Upon closing my store, I became a certified Heart Centered Stylist. By taking a class created by my mentor, who is a stylist in Santa Barbra California, I was able to learn her techniques quickly, & implement them immediately for my clients.
  • I created in person styling packages for my clients, a virtual closet cleanse, a low-cost VIP styling membership group, & recently created lots of ways to work with me virtually.

So, what IS Your Virtual Closet exactly?

Your Virtual Closet is your own personal online platform, where we upload your clothing, accessories and shoes individually.

After that, my creative work for you begins:

  • I create multiple outfits for you
  • I recommend items you may wish to purchase….KEY TAKE AWAY here is that these items are chosen based on what you actually NEED. I am not like a personal shopper at a store….since I know what you already have, I can curate your buying choices from MANY stores, not just one…and I know what you already own/love/wear, so there’s less guesswork.
  • Need outfits for a trip? Easy peasy. I’ll create a special section.
  • Need to purge a few items. Easy. I can make recommendations based on what you’re not wearing.
  • Need to create a style for a special occasion? Done. We can even incorporate Rent The Runway.



Q: I want to work w you this way, but I need to clean out my closet first.

A. No worries, I got you. Check out this super-easy virtual closet cleanse I created!

Q: When do we start?

A: Whenever you’re ready! I’ll immediately send you your personalized questionnaire and virtual closet portal where you can begin uploading pics asap. After that, I’ll get started as quickly as I can to create your outfits & shopping lists!

Q: How do I get your help after we do this the first time?

A: I can set you up to work with me monthly or seasonally.

Q: What if I am not happy or want a refund?

A: I have never really experienced this, but will certainly work with you. If you decide that you no longer need my help, that is totally fine! I will wish you all the best!

Q: I am on a budget! Will this help?

A: YES! I love budgets, love shopping sales, and would SO love to help you strategically! Most of my clients admit that they shop less & save money using my services!

Q: I am NOT on a budget and I LOVE to shop!

A: That’s awesome too! Keep shopping sister, I’ll keep creating new ways for you to wear what you buy!


So…..are you ready to create your Dream Virtual Closet?

I am SO excited to help you!!

Sound fun/easy/amazing?

Ready to get started? See the special offer HERE and let’s get going!