sunday sale selects

Feeling the urge to splurge? Me too! With all this internet time, and all the sales, what do you buy??!

Let me break down my fav WFH staple items I think will add the most value to your wardrobe right now… links beside each numbered item :)… side note: I am an affiliate for some brands & receive a small commission if you purchase an item. Just a heads up.

1. A soft tee with details that you can dress up or down. I love this one because it has some feminine eyelet and ruffles for fun, but can be worn with a skirt, jeans, shorts, etc. It’s the most perfect basic!

2. Long denim or bermuda shorts. As easy outfit base, add a tee, flats a fun belt and you’re good to go!

3. Sassy earrings. You probably already have these in your closet! They will make the most basic top look sassy for the next zoom meeting!

4. A colorful weekend tote. Just to make traveling to the lake a little extra fun!

5. A cotton or jersey maxi dress. People are calling these “house dresses”….but when I put on a comfy dress like this, I feel fancy, comfy & like I “showed up” for the day.

6. White sandals. Huge fan of white Birkenstocks right now, but no matter what you choose, it will add a little brightness to an outfit to make it more springy.

7. A top with a small print. Small prints are flattering & tend to show up better on zoom or Facetime screens. Florals are always a great add-on for spring/summer, & can be worn dressy or casually.

8. Some really cool shades (for a bargain!) You cannot beat a little sassy add-on like this one! Even if you’re only rocking these in the drive-thru or on your own porch.

9. Printed joggers. I do not see this trend going away any time soon….this version is perfect for spring/summer & lets you add a basic top to keep it classic for a meeting.

10. Vintage rock tee. Love these for weekends. And when I am dreaming about when I can actually attend a concert again!

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