entrepreneur life goal: try to not work so hard!

WFH is awesome....except I am working too much!! I am not sure if I am a "work-a-holic", but by definition, I feel weird if I am taking "time off"....so something I've tried to be better at, as an entrepreneur is not working so hard...⁠ ...⁠ Growing up, my parents led a very busy life....my dad … Continue reading entrepreneur life goal: try to not work so hard!

is Virtual styling better?

When this whole "Corona thing" hit us a few weeks ago, I was stunned....my husband was away for two back-to-back trips during the timeframe when things were being announced, so I was alone with my thoughts, my work and my feelings for several days. I was scared, anxious & trying desperately to figure out how … Continue reading is Virtual styling better?

fun & easy scarf tying ideas

I recently partnered with The Dolphin Fine Linens for a try-on session, and then I created a few looks using jeans a tank and a gorgeous white linen scarf!