kelly’s fav fall trends

So, I'm not an affiliate (yet!), so I won't get credit for you guys heading to these links, BUT, I wanted to share them with you anyways because I am SO obsessed with all the Fall things!Also including the link HERE to my webinar I did last week walking you through all 12 of my … Continue reading kelly’s fav fall trends

YAY, You’re Here…& I’m Here!

OK, so we got that part I am, and I am THRILLED to have you on board! First things first...this is a no judgment zone...I am NOT perfect, my writing is weird, & my life is crazy-insane. Sounds like your life too? OK, we can sit together now. Let's DO this... A few random … Continue reading YAY, You’re Here…& I’m Here!

Help! I Need Somebody! Help! Not Just Anybody!

I love The Beatles music, don't you? Greg and I saw LOVE, the Cirque De Soliel performance in Las Vegas a few years back, and we've been downloading their music ever since. For some reason lately, whenever I think of a word or phrase, I try to associate music or a music title to it, … Continue reading Help! I Need Somebody! Help! Not Just Anybody!