sunday sale selects

Feeling the urge to splurge? Me too! With all this internet time, and all the sales, what do you buy??! Let me break down my fav WFH staple items I think will add the most value to your wardrobe right now... links beside each numbered item :)... side note: I am an affiliate for some … Continue reading sunday sale selects

I stopped fear this morning

I have been living in Fear the past few days....I'm not going to go backwards and tell you about it, because if you're watching the news or on social media in any way/shape/form, you already know what I mean. This thing that's happening in the world is something I STILL cannot wrap my head around. … Continue reading I stopped fear this morning

Gift Guide: livy lu

I've known about Livy Lu for years, and have ALWAYS loved their tops/tees and game-day wear! I've been thrilled to watch their company grow & expand to encompass so many fun, new aspects of our great state, plus their store is just adorable!! Located in the Pearl District, the store feels so fun & happy … Continue reading Gift Guide: livy lu