entrepreneur life goal: try to not work so hard!

WFH is awesome....except I am working too much!! I am not sure if I am a "work-a-holic", but by definition, I feel weird if I am taking "time off"....so something I've tried to be better at, as an entrepreneur is not working so hard...⁠ ...⁠ Growing up, my parents led a very busy life....my dad … Continue reading entrepreneur life goal: try to not work so hard!

Why an open cardi or jacket is most flattering

There are many concepts/styles in fashion that are flattering on all shapes & sizes, and that is what I'd love to show you today. I am all about embracing your own shape & size, no matter the number you associate with that. We are all beautiful, unique and special.

sunday sale selects

Feeling the urge to splurge? Me too! With all this internet time, and all the sales, what do you buy??! Let me break down my fav WFH staple items I think will add the most value to your wardrobe right now... links beside each numbered item :)... side note: I am an affiliate for some … Continue reading sunday sale selects