The Fit

The fit is important! And my DREAM for each of my clients is that they have a closet of clothes that FITS, that represents their style (with a few things mixed in that they wouldn’t have chosen on their own!), that they can TRULY put together outfits with! Sound #toogoodtobetrue#toogoodtobetrue ?? • A closet Cleanse with me is truly that: figuring out what you can get rid of, that will serve someone else better! That won’t cloud your judgment every morning as you frantically search for an outfit. As you shop sales this week, don’t get too distracted by the amazingly low price… even if it’s a bargain, do you 1. LOVE IT? 2. Does it fit great? 3. Can you pair it into 3-4 outfits right now? If you’re a client of mine- send me a dressing room selfie & id be honored to give you my opinion!