Virtual Closet Cleanse

Safe At Home? The most PERFECT time to clean out your closet & get ready for Spring!

The Closet Cleanse is The First Step In Creating the Closet of Your Dreams!

***Are you tired of walking into your closet daily & feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, not-excited about what’s in it?

 ***Do you dread getting dressed each day?

 ****Have you been putting “clean out my closet” on your to-do list for forever?

Hi! I’m Kelly Mize Holley. A few years ago I closed my women’s clothing store. It was a huge life change. I realized then & there that my mission was to help women feel GOOD about themselves through choosing clothes that express their unique, amazing personalities. I began helping clients one at a time, to clean out their closets. But as I helped more women, I realized we are ALL experiencing the same challenges! I started thinking about creating a virtual system that would help women on a larger scale.

Throughout 2.5 years of cleaning closets I learned how to simplify the process, make it easier, less painful, and actually more FUN because my clients were getting results faster and faster. I created a process that worked so well, my clients were saying “wow, I wish I’d done this sooner!”

With this virtual closet cleanse process you’ll receive the following:

  • A one on one call with me where we discuss your strategy & you complete some “fun sheets” about your dream style.
  • A step-by-step, SUPER easy to follow walk through complete with fun videos from me along the way.
  • A one on one zoom call (you’ll be in your closet, ideally!) with me where you can try on anything & get my Honest Opinion, we discuss options, creative solutions and More!
  • A group coaching Zoom call….totally optional, but I wanted to do this because I think we could all use some fun/community/laughter in our lives! I’ll schedule it during a happy hour timeframe, and you can always go back & watch the recording!
  • Bonus sections on how to organize, how to create outfits from clothes you already own, and a little Self Empowerment Chat that I have created for all my private clients.

A little bit about me::

I’m Kelly, and I love clothes….& wine…& my dogs…and shopping….and wine…did I mention that already 😉

I’ve been playing dress-up since I was 5, and I LOVE helping my clients do the same thing! I have been privately styling clients in Tulsa for over two years.

After I closed my womens clothing store called Little Black Dress (it was open for over 10 years), I knew I wanted to help women on a more personal level.

One thing I recognized while working with hundreds of women during that time of owning the store was that I wished I could help them in their own closets personally….like, how to style the top they just bought from me in several ways. 

My favorite service is creating unique outfits out of my clients clothes!

But I realized that in order to Find the clothes my clients really wanted to wear, we truly needed to purge what wasn’t adding value, giving them joy, helping them show up as their best selves!

How The Virtual Closet Cleanse Works:

I’ll open this up for purchase once a month to as many clients interested. I’ll close the offer so that I can provide the best service to those working on it during the month of service.

Once you sign up, you get all access immediately to all the things! You can start right away, or wait til the weekend. I’ll give you a few days to check in with me, and then based on how the group is progressing, I’ll schedule our group zoom call about a week after you start. This will give you a goal, and some accountability to get it done.

You’ll always have access to the information, and you can print out or save anything you like.

Questions You May Have….and answers!!

What if I want to buy this now but do it later? Totally fine! Do this at your own pace, and I can sub you into a zoom call later in the year. I’m nice & super easy going. I want to empower you to get it done sooner than later, though!

Is there a payment plan? Yes, so glad you asked! This is my first time launching this type of product, so I’m offering it at 50% off the price it will go to normally. You can pay in full now, or split it up into two payments. I love options and am happy to work with you!

Can I hire you to come do my closet in person? Of course you can! All my services are listed on my website.

After we do the closet cleanse, then what happens? Great question! I’d love to help you going forward & there are options for this….I have a virtual styling service where I help you create a seasonally appropriate shopping list based on items of clothing you find challenging. I’m working to create a virtual shopping service where you tell me what you’re looking for, and I find it (either online or locally). I can also come to your home & create outfits for you each season using your existing pieces.

When will you offer this again? Some time in mid to late April.

Okay Friend….are you ready to finally get your closet cleaned out, reorganized and ready for Spring?

I’m SO excited to help you LOVE your closet again: it’s a pretty awesome place where all your clothes fit, you love them, and you can use them to create pretty outfits with on-the-daily!

I love you, and cannot WAIT to take this journey with you!

Two payment options below….Pay in Full Price for April is $89. Or, pay two payments of $50 each. Pay/enroll and get immediate access by clicking an option below…..

Xoxo, Kelly

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