Virtual styling services : virtual closet clease is a thing

stay on top of your closet to create a style you love

For those of you who Must Stay Busy All the Time….like me 😉 …you have probably already organized your entire house. So, perhaps this is coming a little too late, BUT I’ve been working to finalize my Virtual Closet Cleanse offering for you…and in that effort I thought to myself that I’d rather just get it out there & let you start using it!

After 2.5 years of cleaning out clients closets privately, I’ve developed what I believe to be an easy-to-follow formula that you may find fun, but I know will get you results!! The best part is that at the end you’ll not just have a cleaner, fresher, more organized closet….you’ll have a closet of clothes that FIT, that you LOVE, that express your style, that you can create outfits with!

YES, you can hire a closet organizer. In fact, I have several I’d recommend! (let me know if I can connect you!) This isn’t for you if you simply want things neatly folded, organized, hung on pretty hangers. This is for you if you also want to create, find, & cultivate your true STYLE. 

So that getting dressed each day is actually FUN. And NOT stressful. And that the closet that you walk into Every. Single. Day. is a place of fun, joy, and empowers you to be a better YOU, to show up feeling/looking amazing. And also feeling/looking powerful at your Next Level.

And guess what? You can go shopping if you want to, afterwards. But with a strategy, and a purpose!

OK, so I did a Facebook Live on my personal page a few minutes ago…but Facebook kept cutting me off….so here’s the link to Video One….and here’s Video Two (and now I’m having wine for real!)….

And HERE is where you learn all the details about this amazing virtual closet cleanse process, and we get to work together!!

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