What to Wear…. When You Have Nothing To Wear…

It’s the age-old dilemma: you walk into your closet full of clothes, & feel that you have NOTHING to wear. Let’s dissect this for a second & get this figured out for ya….

1. The BIG thing these days is to “Marie Kondo” your life and get rid of EVERYTHING. I agree with this to a point, & while I don’t want to make your life harder by saying this: I don’t fully agree that tossing it all out will fully make you feel joyful.


Well, I’d never advise you to get rid of the sweater that still makes you think of your Grammie! I LOVE Grammies! And I LOVE having an “emotional” part of your closet. Doesn’t have to be big- just a small gathering of pieces that make you happy. Do you wear them all? Likely not. Do they all bring you joy? They may make you a little sad at times, but you need to keep them, OK?

All that said, getting rid of stuff, storing things that are out of season….these things are going to help you look through your closet of clothes faster, therefore helping you feel less stressed when you’re getting dressed (see what I did there?)

MAJOR LESSON HERE>> Less is More. The less you have in front of you in your closet, the less you stress.

2. It WILL take some time, but hopefully, you’ve already done this: put like things together. For example, are your jeans intermixed with your tops, sweaters, and skirts? That is taking your brain into melt-down-mode when you walk into your closet. Take a few minutes or hours & re-arrange, so that like things are together, in a way that makes sense with what you have, & what your storage options are. Be open-minded to the idea of changing things around: for example, does folding your jeans make more sense than hanging them?

MAJOR LESSON HERE>> Organize your stuff, loves!

3. Seems obvious, but get some outside inspiration. Love Pinterest? Enjoy bloggers on Instagram? Or hey, just start noticing what other people around you, that you like, are wearing. Pretty good chance that you can do something similar to what you already own, OR you can make a small purchase that allows you to do something even better or different.

The rules in fashion have changed considerably over the years: thankfully, we can now wear black + brown, we can wear gold + silver, we can wear white before Labor Day, and fanny packs made a comeback! The sky’s the limit, & all you need to do is wear what you LOVE. There’s no need to look like everyone else in the process.

MAJOR LESSON HERE>> Get inspired to use your own pieces in unique ways that express your style.

Hope this helps, my loves! If you need some help with any of these things, that’s what I do for my clients, & I’d be honored to help you. Just reach out.