Why an open cardi or jacket is most flattering

In my years owning a clothing store, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women, helping them purchase items to best compliment their style.

Notice I didn’t say “compliment their figure”….I am a unique soul when it comes to this concept. I have never liked the idea of placing women into categories based on their shape. It’s always been a bit confusing to me….and I have been in the fashion industry for decades!

So let me just say this….there are many concepts/styles in fashion that are flattering on all shapes & sizes, and that is what I’d love to show you today. I am all about embracing your own shape & size, no matter the number you associate with that. We are all beautiful, unique and special.

Daily pep talk: check!

The other amazing thing about fashion is that there are no rules. Remember the 80’s? WAY too many rules, WAY too overbearing! No wonder so many of us are confused! We need a guideline, we need something to hold onto to give us some sort of authority on what is good versus bad.

But here’s the thing: there are SO many ways you can style yourself that are flattering on all figures! Below, I’ve chosen 3 concepts that flatter any figure. Remember: fashion is an opinion, so these are my opinions… Use whatever feels good to you, discard the rest, and enjoy getting dressed today!

1. Lines down the front are good.

Creating two vertical lines down the front of your body is flattering because it draws attention to the middle/top of your body.

Choose an open cardigan without a closure, or simply wear it open.

Wear your jackets open.

Wear an open-neck top rather than covering your neck with a scarf when wearing an open jacket/cardi look.

2. Lines at the waist are good.

Yep. Just to make it even more interesting, I’m talking about lines again…

Adding a waistband, a belt or just the illusion of either creates a feminine shape….whether you are straight or hippy, this is good.

When shopping for dresses, I alert my clients to ask for the “fit and flare” style, which is typically the most flattering look for anyone.

This also applies to wearing separates. It might seem strange, but tucking in a shirt to a skirt or pants will help you create this line across as well, and give you a more put together look.

3. Try a v-neck top/blouse or add a neck scarf or pop of color necklace

And finally….using one of these techniques to bring attention to your face will serve you well.

I almost always recommend a v-neck blouse, which would include tops, tees, and even a button down would be considered a v-neck style.

Adding a pop of color using a small neck scarf can create the same effect, as well as adding a fun, short, colorful necklace!

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