how working with a fashion stylist can actually save you money

top 5 reasons why hiring a wardrobe stylist will make your life easier…

When you hear “fashion stylist” you may have a preconceived idea that our work is only reserved for the wealthy, or celebrities, or people with unlimited time and money….surprisingly, the majority of my clients are “regular” ladies who just need another opinion, and some solid input on how to cultivate their personal style. They also have an understanding that our work together is more like an investment than a splurge…

Here are five reasons why working with a fashion stylist can actually save you time, money, stress, and help you create a life you love.

1. Selling your “good stuff” at re-sale, online or even donating all of it will not only net you a profit, but it’s doing something good for the environment, your community, and your heart. Most of my styling clients sell their clothes at re-sale, and what doesn’t sell gets donated. They use the profits to pay for my services or for new clothes that they more thoughtfully purchase. A tax ride-off is another great option. Plus, when we donate clothes into our communities, people who need them will be blessed.

2. Having a plan for your outfits for the season using your existing pieces and strategically purchasing new ones will help you stay within your budget, and also free you from those mornings when it takes you 30 minutes to get dressed… which causes stress, anxiety and other icky things like being late, having a meltdown or needing 5 extra coffees to make you feel better….

3. Creating a shopping list with the help of a wardrobe stylist is a good way to prioritize your expenses. Let’s say we place a leather jacket on your needs list….you find one you love, wait til it goes on sale, and Boom, wardrobe staple added to your collection at a fraction of the price.

4. Organizing your clothes by season, and placing out-of-season items out-of-sight will help you quickly purge, re-organize and re-assess your wardrobe on a regular basis. This process allows you to be “in charge” of your wardrobe, make more conscious decisions, and not act out of emotion.

5. Thinking about your Next Level Style….even for a few minutes once a quarter … will help you set goals for Kicking Butt in your career, give you added confidence you need to Show Up as a Boss Babe, and allow that inner Amazingness out into the world. I believe in my heart that this will help you uplevel your life in ways you’ve never dreamed. Now how’s THAT for a return on your investment?!

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