YAY, You’re Here…& I’m Here!

OK, so we got that part covered….here I am, and I am THRILLED to have you on board!

First things first…this is a no judgment zone…I am NOT perfect, my writing is weird, & my life is crazy-insane. Sounds like your life too? OK, we can sit together now. Let’s DO this…

A few random things about moi…

  • I own a clothing store called Little Black Dress in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I love clothes. Like, REALLY love.
  • I am a bonus-mom to 3 amazing kiddos. And also 2 fur-kiddos: a Scotty & a Westie.
  • I get along with bonus-kiddos’ Mom. She & I are actually good friends.
  • I LOVE to eat. Whether I make it myself or grab it from Sonic, I am always thinking of my next meal.
  • I also love to work out. (OK that’s not totally true, but I work out so that I can eat- ya feel me?)
  • I love to support all-things-Tulsa…local shopping, eating, entertainment.
  • I love to travel. My hubs is the best travel planner: He makes all the arrangements & we just show up.
  • I want to help as many people as I can. How? Well this blog is a start. I figure we’ll just figure it out as we go along.

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